Infinity By Harman - WYND 700

Brand: Harman
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The INFINITY WYND 700 delivers quality, powerful sound to spark up your day. Equipped with Infinity Deep Bass sound, 32mm drivers, and a one-button universal remote that is compatible with most smartphones, these headphones provide quick access to great sound every time. Lightweight and comfortable thanks to 69 mm cushioned Ear-Pads, the INFINITY WYND 700 headphones also allow you to connect to Siri or Google Now without using your mobile device. Available in 3 fresh colors and foldable for easy portability, the INFINITY WYND 700 headphones enable you to inject music into every aspect of your busy life.

General Specifications
Frequency Range : 20Hz~20kHz
Deep Bass : Yes
Dual EQ : No
Flat cable : Round Cable
Built-In Microphone : Yes
Siri/Google Now : Yes
Bixby : No
Headphone cable length (meters) : 1.2

Audio Specifications
Driver Size : 32mm
Driver/Ear : 1
Driver Sensitivity (1KHz / 1mW) : 97±3dB
Impedence (ohms) : 32ohms

Product Weight (grams) : 100
Box Dimension (H x W x D) : 25.8*20.5*6mm
Box Weight (Grams) : 193

Rechargeable battery : No

Infinity Deep Bass Sound
It features Infinity Deep Bass sound, which can be found in the most famous venues all around the world.

1-button remote/mic
Easily control your music, calls access to Siri/Google Now at the touch of a single button.

Lightweight and fold-able design
The lightweight materials and foldable design make it convenient for you to carry your headphones anywhere and anytime you want music.

Ask Siri or Google Now
Siri or Google Now are just a button away: activate the voice assistant by pushing the remote button.