Terms & Conditions

1. You are the legal owner of this device. If the device is found to be lost, stolen or blacklisted, you will be liable to make a full refund of the device’s value within seven (7) working days, failing which, necessary legal actions will be taken without any reference made to you for which you shall be further liable to the necessary costs incurred.

2. Upon the handover of device, the ownership of the device shall be transferred to Mac City with immediate effect and cannot be returned to the customer for any reason.

3. You shall perform a factory reset on the device and remove any personal locks (e.g. Apple ID, Find My iPhone, Samsung Account, Google Account) before handover of device.

4. Your device shall not be accepted if Apple ID is not able to be removed.

5. Any remaining data in the device shall be considered destroyed and cannot be recovered.

6. You declare that the said device has not been lost or stolen, was not purchased with government funds, and is not government’s property. No trade value shall be afforded to any device reported as lost or stolen, purchased with government funds, or is constituted as the government’s property.

7. You shall be responsible to ensure that the SIM card/ memory card has been removed before handover of device.

8. You agree and acknowledge that device’s quoted value offered on our receipt shall be subject to the Company’s assessment, evaluation and discretion.